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  • When will my order ship?
    Allow up to 3 business days plus holidays or breaks.
  • Where is my package shipping from?
  • Is my item pre-loved?
    Most of the pieces we make are reworked second hand clothes or vintage, so there is a high chance you have a pre loved or vintage reworked item.
  • How should I take care of my Mexicanicecream?
    All garments by Mexicanicecream are screen printed and hand painted by hand. Hand wash or spot clean as needed with cold or mild warm water. Hang dry or lay to dry is the best way to care for you item. If its a bulky piece such as a sweater, hoodie, jeans, etc... Tumble dry low inside out to protect the art.
  • How should I take care of my JadeRisa piece?
    All garments and accessories are handmade or airbrushed so wash with care. Spot treatment and hand washing is preferred for longevity of the garment. Hang or lay flat to dry! If its a bulkier item like outerwear or jeans turn inside out and tumble dry low.


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