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 Mexicanicecream is an artist from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Their love for vintage has translated from having their own vintage and resell store in Austin to a completely indepedent vintage rework project. Mexicanicecream is responsible for every single aspect of creating a new custom piece from beginning to end. This includes sourcing vintage, washing and preparing the clothes, conceptualizing and creating new designs, screens, graphics, listing and selling. They make each one of their garments with attention to detail and care. Their designs are known for their vibrant colors and raw essence. 

Jade Andalon Risa is an artist raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco now based in Texas. JADERISA, her independent fashion initiative, emerged from the need to utilize the existing materials at her disposal. By reusing and reworking existing materials, she aims to address the excessive over production prevalent in the fashion industry. From vibrant airbrush designs to corsetry, millinery, and meticulous hand beading, her designs exude an extravagant flair, leaning towards a maximalist aesthetic with a touch of clown core and Kawaii.

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